The Process

Every creative endeavor is a journey. This book began as an idea almost a decade ago when I had just begun my venture into flying and photography. Since then there have been many people and events along with lessons and learning which has brought this art form into being. In short, there has been a process to produce the product. A number of the stories behind the photos will appear in this post from time to time. I am beginning at the end: to acknowledge the printing process. If it weren’t for this, there would be no product.

After much research into where I would print this book (overseas or USA), I chose a company in New England – J.S. McCarthy Printers. I have been extremely pleased with their personal service and high-end quality green printing process. Being close to home I was able to go “on press” in Maine and inspect book pages as they were run.

Margot, Jason and Ed inspecting pages

Margot with press maestro's Jason Baird and Ed Peaslee pausing during the inspection process. Margot's book was printed on one the most advanced presses in the world, the only one of it's kind in this country and one of only two of it's kind in the world! (As of April 2012)


Margot "on press"

Margot literally "on press." She is standing on the state-of-the-art printing press near the magenta ink, one of the four colors in the process. The ink is able to remain exposed because it will never dry until exposed to UV light which dries it instantly!


Margot signing off.

Each sheet contains twelve pages. After inspection, Margot has to sign the page so the printer has proof of her approval.



One of the benefits of being "on press" in Maine is the opportunity to have a genuine Maine lobster roll for lunch!


Inspection in progress.

Margot and Jason inspect one of the sheets. Since the way the book is printed and bound means that facing pages are printed on different sheets, Jason puts two sheets together so Margot can inspect the color matching of the different pages. Jason was justifiably proud of his abilities in this area, and Margot not having to change anything verified his abilities!


The Green Wall

J.S. McCarthy Printers has its own green wall at its plant in Augusta, ME. All of their operation is devoted to "promoting resource conservation through renewable energy, waste reduction and recycling." They are certified members of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Rain Forest Alliance, Green-e (Certified Wind Energy), and Certified Wind Power.


Margot, Rick and Cornell

Margot with Rick Tardiff, President, CEO of J.S. McCarthy and Cornell Eckhardt, her Sales Rep. Rick was nice enough to bring us on a tour of his state-of-the-art printing company. With very few exceptions, he is able to handle every aspect of any printing job with amazing efficiency. His passion was evident in his explanation of every portion of this all-encompassing facility. Cornell never ceased to amaze with his gentle guidance and assistance through the myriad aspects and steps of an otherwise complex procedure.